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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

We ensure the same experience across every device, be it a smartwatch display or a 4K resolution monitor. With over half of all traffic coming from mobile devices, keeping a consistent experience among platforms is essential.

All the pages we create will always have a unique layout to best utilize the screen real estate available. This is essential because, in 2019, Google now ranks websites based on mobile website compatibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensuring your content is accessible through every avenue online can be a challenge, but it sure pays off when you see your content at the top of Google's results.

Things change quick but we continuously monitor the latest technology trends and study the latest best practices of managing web presences.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing keeps your website ranking among your top competitors. Market your content through social media or email newsletters. View real-time statistics with Google Analytics.

Content Management Systems

Creative Media passionately designs Drupal content management solutions. Drupal enables you to manage your content with every modern web feature available. Plus, it's trusted by the federal government of Canada for its privacy and security. View our Security Promise

Content Management Systems (CMS)